Openness to experience is the first step towards happiness.

Uncertain? Unhappy? Misunderstood? Missing someTHING?​

Bring an open heart and an open mind to uncover your desires, understand your needs, and unlock your potential.


Through socratic inquiry, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and multiple assessments, you can live your best life. the future may be mostly unknown and unknowable; this old adage rings true: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.


Stop consuming social media posts. Stop regretting your past.

Start creating the life of your dreams. Start living in the present.

Connect with us today to address your underlying fears, combat anxiety or self-doubt, and overcome the barriers to success, love, and joy in your life! We specialize in issues of identity, cultural difference, and technology dependence. 

Our primary consulting goal is to empower emerging leaders with the tools and skills to find their unique voice. We achieve this with a series of facilitated workshops on topics ranging from consent and healthy boundaries, resilience building, mindful use of social media & technology, and active goal setting. 

You: It's too high. I won't make it.
Us: Ain't no mountain high enough!

Open Hearts+Open Minds




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